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Nutmouse Hall

Nutmouse Hall was built long ago by Tumtum’s great-great-great-grandfather. It is hidden away in a broom cupboard and is considered a very fine piece of architecture.

The walls are made of pretty pebblestone, and there are gables on the windows and little turrets peeking out of the roof. It is the grandest mouse house for miles around – it has a ballroom, and a billiards room, and a banqueting room, and a butler’s room, and just about every other sort of room a mouse might want. The smallest rooms, such as the bathrooms, are the size of a cake tin, while the ballroom is the size of a hamper. (And a hamper-sized room seems very big to the Nutmouses, who are only two inches long.)

Number of Rooms: 36

Period Features: Turrets, flagstones, oak beams, tapestries, iron gates, and a pair of heraldic stone beetles on the roof.