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"While Mr Nutmouse was calm and slow, Mrs Nutmouse was quite the opposite. She did everything very fast, and even the smallest tasks, such as putting the icing on a cake, could get her into a terrible dither."

Mrs Nutmouse (known as Nutmeg on account of her nutmeg hair) is a scuttling and bustling sort of mouse, who always has lots to do. By day, she scurries about her kitchen, making delicious things for Tumtum to eat. And by night, she scurries about in the attic of Rose Cottage, darning Arthur and Lucy’s clothes, and polishing their toys, and mopping their shoes, and making new curtains for the doll’s house. "Oh, Nutmeg!" Tumtum sometimes groans. "I do wish you would sit still."

Appearance: Nutmeg has nutmeg hair, and long pointed ears and a bright pink nose. She has lots of pretty dresses, but always wears a pinafore.

Likes: Wild strawberry cordial, earwigs en croute, midnight feasts in Lucy’s doll’s house.

Dislikes: Adventures. "Oh, Tumtum. I do hope we don’t have any more adventures," Nutmeg said plaintively. "I don’t feel I’m quite cut out for them."