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Lucy Mildew

Lucy is older than Arthur, and she tries to look after him by tidying away his toys, and helping him to find a pair of matching socks in the mornings. But tidying does not come naturally to Lucy - and besides, the attic is such a mess that she hardly knows where to start. And she hasn’t learned how to sew, so she can’t mend her and Arthur’s clothes, which are always full of holes. And she can’t do anything about the broken window pane, or the wonky radiator, or the leaking ceiling, or the dripping tap … But one morning she wakes up to find that someone else has mysteriously taken charge.

Appearance: Lucy is tall and graceful, and has hair the colour of copper.

Likes: Lucy’s favourite toy is her wooden doll’s house, and she likes making little bits of furniture for it out of match boxes and cotton reels. And yet one day her doll’s house suddenly looks quite different.

Dislikes: Lucy’s least favourite foods are lettuce and liquorice and hard-boiled eggs. And she doesn’t like it when Arthur catches toads and lets them loose in the kitchen.