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General Marchmouse

"While Tumtum and Nutmeg were very quiet mice, General Marchmouse was an unusually noisy one."

General Marchmouse and his wife, Mrs Marchmouse, live in the gun cupboard of a large house just down the lane from Rose Cottage. The General is a military hero, who is revered by all the mice in the village. He once saw off a rabble of looting rats from the granary, even though they out-numbered his mouse soldiers by three to one. After that The Mouse Times described him as "undefeatable", and that is the general view. At the time this story begins he has just retired from the army, and is finding life a little uneventful … but unbeknown to him, his greatest battle is yet to take place.

Appearance: The General has a red nose and long black whiskers. He generally dresses in camouflages during the day, but always changes into a dinner-jacket for supper. And he never leaves the gun cupboard without his military medals.

Likes: Hunting beetles, stalking cockroaches, and reading about himself in The Mouse Times.

Dislikes: The General does not like being cooped up at home. "He was a mouse who lived for adventures. They were his life blood, his first love, and since retiring from the army he had found them surprisingly hard to come by."