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Arthur Mildew

In contrast to his eccentric father, Arthur has always thought of himself as being rather ordinary. He likes ordinary things, such as sweets and tin soldiers, and he does quite well at school, but never well enough to win any prizes. And he lives in a quiet, ordinary village, where nothing at all exciting ever happens to him … But as the extraordinary events unfold in the attic, Arthur begins to think that he might not be such an ordinary boy after all.

Appearance: Arthur has blue eyes and thick black curls, and he wears glasses with a broken frame which keep slipping off his nose. He and Lucy both look very scruffy, because they never have haircuts or new clothes.

Likes: At the moment Arthur’s favourite things are milk chocolate and model aeroplanes. And he thinks the seaside could become one of his favourite things too – if only his father would take him there.

Dislikes: Arthur dislikes being made to play goal-keeper during football practice, and eating tinned spaghetti. Arthur also dislikes it when his Aunt Ivy comes to stay.